Datadog tackles DevSecOps issues head-on

Datadog tackles DevSecOps issues head-on

By launching its cloud security platform, which is based on the functional bricks of the French start-up Sqreen acquired last spring, Datadog brings an agnostic approach to cybersecurity for IT, developer and operational teams.

Specialized in the monitoring of cloud and containerized environments, Datadog has positioned itself in the buoyant cybersecurity market. For this, it relied on the technological assets inherited from the French start-up Sqreen, acquired last spring. Almost all of the hundred or so people working for the start-up have jumped on the Datadog bandwagon, which offers its historical customers the opportunity to enter DevSecOps on the same level. Focused on the detection and management of events in production, performance and anomalies affecting both infrastructure (systems, servers, etc.) and applications, the publisher is now adding one more string to its functional bow. .

The provider’s Cloud Security Platform solution must meet multiple cybersecurity, incident detection and understanding needs for operational, IT and developer teams. Compared to traditional SIEM solutions, Datadog’s position on security is to address very broad event monitoring, from production to cloud systems as well as virtualized and containerized environments. Previously in beta, the various functional bricks aggregated in Datadog’s Cloud Security Platform are now offered to all users in a stable and finalized version (general availability). This DevSecOps-oriented “full stack” approach makes it possible to link the various functional bricks and provide elements of understanding, contextualization, investigation and recommendations to protect its systems, infrastructures and data.

Coherent and strongly integrated bricks

The different bricks range from CSPM (cloud security posture management), to risk and compliance management, to configuration problems and to the security of cloud workloads. “We are also on the application layer with app sec which monitors apps, websites and APIs”, explained Pierre Betouin, head of security products at Datadog and former CEO and co-founder of Sqreen alongside Jean-Baptiste. Aviation. “The interest of the full stack security approach is to see unique investigations and recommendations”. Cloud Security Platform is also characterized by the consistency of the interactions between each of the bricks with operations for feeding and indexing cyber events. “Each product is unique and responds to particular problems, but the sum of the products is very highly and automatically integrated”, specifies Pierre Betouin.

In terms of differentiation, Datadog relies on its expertise in the field of management and monitoring of events related to IT systems and infrastructures as well as development environments and platforms for its cyber offer. In terms of pricing, Datadog does not specify a range for its Cloud Security Platform, but some prices for the modules that compose it are however public: $15 per host per month for Cloud Workload Security, starting at $7.5 (CSPM) and $0.2 per GB of logs analyzed (Security Monitoring).

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